About K.Nohe and her Energy Stone Jewelry

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with Rocks, Stones and Shells….. Anything the Earth made.

As I grew older that fascination grew into Energy Work and a sense of “pull” towards Nature… I became a bit obsessed with what the stones “meant” and what each one did for us as far as “healing powers” and energy.

One time when I was at an Annual ‘Rock and Gem Show’, my mentor in the rock world, Rita said to me as I was pouring over yet another Lemurian Seed Crystal, “Kathleen, if the stone speaks to you, it is for you to have, not because someone else said it has this or that power, do you understand?”

It was like a light went on inside my head! Of Course !

I believe we are all born with natural abilities…

Some of us are drawn to areas of math and science,

While others are fascinated with the more abstract “creative” world.

I feel quite sure I was born an artist, but like many people the need to make a living was acropped-photo-15.jpg

serious consideration. I went to college and graduated with a degree in Dental Technology.

It gave me a great outlet to use my artistic talent to make beautiful teeth and allowed me

to help people feel better about themselves. That desire for beautiful natural things and

helping people has carried over into my jewelry.  I truly feel there is a way to connect with

nature and with each other through energy… and that is what my goal is…


I sincerely hope if you purchase one of my pieces you will feel the love and positive energy I have put into each one.

I used to get so carried away with what all the “experts” say. So to you dear seekers of that special rock or stone, or whatever it is that speaks to you, I say “let it find you”. And bring you positive energy and joy each time that you see it !


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